Ugens preview

Denne uges preview er skrevet af coach for SISU, Eleni Kafantair (på engelsk) som her kommer med sit bud på weekendens 3 kampe.

BK Amager - Hørsholm 79ers (lørdag kl. 17:00)

It will be a great game to watch with the two best teams in the league. 

In fact the biggest difference between the two is in they way they defend the three-point line and the fast break.

This is a close competitive game for all 40 minutes. Some good shooting and fast-paced play tell the story early but in will not know the winner until ref’s final whistle.

Hørsholm progression to a perfect 10-0 record with Friday night’s victory with Vaerlose, coming at the extra time and judging by the previous game between them I think this time that Hørshlom will get the victory even with a slight difference.

Værløse Blue Hawks - Aabyhøj IF (søndag kl. 13:30)

Another interesting game with two teams who, when they are on the court, show that they are not afraid of any opponent.

Aabyhoj is better offensively with good shooting percentage and on the other hand Vaerlose is a much better team in the defensive line. They are getting a lot of rebounds and they are always fighting for the best.

Vaerlose they really need this win and because the game is in their home I think they will win the game even though Aabyhoj is a very competitive team.

Lemvig Basket – BMS Herlev Wolfpack (søndag kl. 14:00)

I would like to start first with the fact that Lemvig is a team that, despite the fact that it has 9 defeats in the league so far, is a team that really struggles in the games without being frustrated at the moment.

Having said that, I believe that at some point they will make the win are looking for taking good use of their home advantage.

BMS has shown to be a better team so far and I think they will return with a win of 10 points or more.