Ugens preview

I aften er der 3 DL-kamp på programmet og coach fra SISU (som ikke er i aktion) Kafantari Eleni kommer her med sit bud på de 3 kampe (på engelsk):

Hørsholm 79ers - BK Amager (kl. 18:30)
Τhe game that is worth watching as two teams that have been undefeated so far and they would definitely be in first place in the league.

Horsholm have shown that they have not made good performances at home games and they have some issues with injuries but it's always a team that can kill you at any time.

On the other hand Amager has a very good offensive transition and I think they are better and more aggressive in rebounding and have a better three-point percentage which is part of their game.

We will also have a very good battle between Rielly and Viso!
I dare say that the win in this game will be taken by Amager from 1 to 5 points.

Lemvig Basket - BMS Herlev Wolfpack (kl. 18:30)
Ι think the result will be a BMS win. 

Lemvig, according so far games seem to be the weakest team in the league, which in the future will become more competitive. BMS will either win games or lose with very little points difference.

BMS win by 15 points and more.

Aabyhøj IF - Værløse Blue Hawks (19:00)
It's going to be a very interesting game because on the one hand we have the 17 year old Alberta Rimdal who is the top scorer of her team and on the other is Frida Boje who has been playing very well so far.

Aabyhoy I would say it's more aggressive team, pressing too hard on defense and having a very good ball movement in offense, having a very high assist rate per game.

I think the balance is tilted towards Aabyhoy with a win of 5 to 10 points.