Ugens preview

På lørdag den 3. december er der 3 DL-kampe på menuen, og på forhånd ligner det 3 meget tætte kampe.

Headcoach fra førerholdet i DL, Virum GO Dreams spanske træner kommer her med sit bud på de 3 kampe:

Aabyhøj IF - Stevnsgade SuperWomen (lørdag kl. 14:00)

It is always a difficult game when playing in Aabyhallen. Aabyhøj plays well on their home court and fights every minute of the game and lately have been playing well together.

Despite the injury that Stevnsgade faces, Hanna Sheikh and Alberte Dokkedal have stepped up and filled the roles of their missing teammates.

This game will be a fight to the end. Even with Stevnsgade missing a few players their experience and talent will help them close out the game.

Stevnsgade SuperWomen +8

Lemvig Basket - SISU (lørdag kl. 14:30)

With Lemvig being the home team, and having Sarah DeShone back from injury they will be a difficult matchup for SISU.

SISU is lead by two strong Americans, one is out with injury and that will be a big disadvantage for them.

Lemvig has far too many scoring threats, and a size advantage that will be hard for SISU to defend. Although SISU fights the whole game I think they will fall a little short to Lemvig.

Lemvig Basket +8

BK Amager Virum GO Dream (lørdag kl. 14:30)

Again, home court advantage comes into play.

Amager plays very well at home. They have a big rotation of players and have no problems shooting the ball from outside. Catharine Jensen always plays well against GO Dream, she will be an important match for them. Despite the effort and fight of Amager, GO Dream will be able to pull out a victory. 

Virum GO Dream +6