Ugens preview

5. spillerunde spilles fredag/lørdag i denne her uge og indtil videre er det en tæt  Dameliga vi er vidne til i år. 

Kun Virum GO Dream er ubesejret indtild videre og 2 af de andre DM-favoritter, Lemvig Basket og Stevnsgade SuperWomen har allerede tabt 3 kampe hver.

Sam Tarmago, coach for BK Amager kommer her med sit bud på rundens 3 kampe (på engelsk).

Stevnsgade SuperWomen - SISU (fredag kl. 19:00)

Stevnsgade at the moment is dealing with a couple of injuries to key players.

SISU is proving to be a very dangerous team, with many different weapons. Although Stevnsgade is going through an adjusting phase,

I expect them to play an inspired game on their home court. However, providing the rhythm SISU is currently in, I take them winning +6pts.

Virum GO Dream - BK Amager (fredag kl. 20:00)

Virum has continued their great play from the end of last season into this one.

Amager has had a couple of solid wins and a couple of tough losses. With their current chemistry and home court advantage Virum will be a difficult team to beat but with both teams coming off of victories.

I expect a close game with Amager winning +1pt.

Hørsholm 79ers - Aabyhøj IF (lørdag kl. 16:00)

Hørsholm is off to a strong start this season.

Aabyhøj is a young team that plays hard and disciplined. They have experienced a few early losses so I expect that they will come out ready to get their first win of the season.

Considering Hørsholm is coming off a convincing win over Lemvig and they have the home court advantage.

I take Hørsholm winning +10pts.