Ugens preview

På lørdag spilles DM-finale 1 mellem Hørsholm 79ers og SISU og næsten samtidigt bliver det afgjort i Amagerhallen hvem der skal have årets bronzemedaljer om halsen. 

Headcoach for Falcon BMS, Eugenio Manuel Rodriques kommer her med sit bud på de 2 kampe:

BK Amager - Lemvig Basket, BRONZEKAMP (Amagerhallen lørdag kl. 14:30)

Amager has the upper hand on this bronze game. First off they come in first place from the regular season and even though there are some important players injured, the roster is deeper then Lemvig’s.

The visitor has some experienced players in the team as well but usually their performance is lower on away games. Therefore, Amager, as home team, becomes the favorite to win the Bronze.

Hørsholm 79ers - Sisu. DM-FINALE 1 (Hørsholmhallen lørdag kl. 14:00)

Sisu has been stepping up after finishing the regular season and the fact of having some experienced players that usually know how to play on the playoff’s besides adding the two foreign post players, can perfectly make the surprise happen.

Regardless, Hørsholm has the home factor and has on his roster many skilled players with many different solutions and totally capable of making the difference at some point. The bench is always important throughout the playoff’s and they are favorite to win the championship.