Ugens preview

BK Amager har netop kvalificeret sig til årets pokalfinale mod Stevsngade Superwomen den 18. januar i Forum Horsens og det har måske givet deres coach, Todd Anthony noget at tænke over. 

Inden al fokus er lagt på finalen kommer her Todd`s vurdering af ugens kampe.

Aabyhøj IF  Hørsholm 79ers (lørdag kl. 14:00)

Aabyhøj comes off a win against Falcon/BMS so they have a little momentum. They have played most teams very tough so far this season. Traveling to Aaby Hallen is always tough.
Hørsholm is towards the top of the table and playing well. Aaby will fight but I believe Hørsholm wins.

Falcon BMS -  Lemvig Basket (lørdag kl. 15:00)

Falcon is at the bottom of the table and Lemvig is at the top.
Maybe Lemvig comes out flat after a tough pokal loss and Falcon makes shots..... If everyone from Lemvig shows up and plays it's 2 points to Lemvig.

Stevnsgade Superwomen - BK Amager (lørdag kl. 19:00)

A preview of the Pokalfinale unfolds in Nørrebrohallen.

Stevnsgade has been strong all year long. Amager has been a bit up and down.

Amager is looking to play well against one of the top teams and prove that they belong in the discussion of top teams. It's more that we have to prove it to ourselves. It should be a hard fought game. I have to go with my team Amager in a close one.