Ugens preview

Kun 2 kampe spilles der i denne uge i DL, men derfor skal DL`s fans ikke snydes for ugens preview, som denne gang er lavet af BK Amager`s coach Todd Anthony.

Aabyhøj IF - Lemvig Basket (Onsdag kl. 19.00)

It's still very early and I would think all the teams in the league will go through some growing pains. Especially these teams involved in this match up. Aaby has lost a few big profiles from last year. Their big American inside player Britt, Bianca, a fast improving guard, and Maria their do it all forward.  They have added an American point guard who can handle and score.  A heavy load goes to the young inside players who will have to battle in the paint to keep Aaby in the hunt for wins. Thomas and Dan will figure out ways to utilize their personnel.  

Lemvig has said goodbye to its two big physical American  inside players. Raven Berry and Emily Hatch.  Raven was very tough down on the blocks on both ends.  Emily basically dominated the league for a nice 3-4 year run.  Her combination of size and talent were more than enough to dominate, then throw in how hard she played..... I know a lot of post defenders are happy not to see her on the roster this year.

Ivana is still playing strong and now they have another ball handling slashing scorer guard from the States.  Plus another athletic forward.  So Lemvig is smaller but just as dangerous as in years past. At this early stage in the season I think if Lemvig stays out of foul trouble and away from injury they will get the win. So I will go with Lemvig +9.

BK Amager - Stevnsgade Basket (Lørdag kl. 14.30)

Here is a rematch of last year's DM semifinal.  Stevnsgade has a fairly new team.  They have said goodbye to their 2 American forwards from last season plus Danish inside player Iben Soltau. Add it up and it equates to a huge percentage of scoring and rebounding.  They still have Ida TP running the show.  They have added an American inside player and brought in numerous Danish additions from other Dameligaen teams.  Stevnsgade is good now but will undoubtedly get better as the season moves on.

BK Amager is looking to build on a very good season last year.  We have replaced last year's American Keyona Bryant with fellow American Lauren Gregory.  Lauren is a different type player than Keyona but I feel confident she will be very effective. We also bring back almost are whole core from the past two seasons. I've always believed that if your team is going to win, your Danish players have to be able to deliver and play at a high level. When I look at my team I know we are on the right path. I'm looking for my young veterans to keep improving and become a team that can execute and feel comfortable playing in big games.  My expectations are for my team to  put themselves in position to play in big games this season.

I feel Amager dies enough to get the win.  Amager +9.