Runde 5 preview

Efter en flot dansk sejr på 91-74 over Rumænien i søndags er spillerne nu kommet tilbage på dansk grund igen for at genoptage kampene i DL.

2 kampe skal der spilles på lørdag den 21. november begge med kampstart kl. 14:00. Headcoach for SISU, som er oversidder i denne runde, Eleni Kafantari kommer her med sit bud på de 2 kampe (på engelsk).

Two interesting games coming up, and will be very interesting to see in what shape the teams are after this short break, was it beneficial or not for them.

BMS Herlev Wolfpack - Hørsholm 79ers (lørdag kl. 14:00 i Herlevhallen)

Both teams are missing players in this case from practices due to the national team so this is a game hard to predict.

Offensively and from the possessions perspective Hørsholm has a small advantage but from the other side BMS’s defense is very good. As a result i think we will have a very interesting game.

I will give the advantage to BMS and will forecast a small range win for them, up to 5 points, as they are playing home.

Aabyhøj IF - BK Amager (lørdag kl. 14:00 i Aabyhallen)

Both teams are also missing players in this game but it is my belief that in Aabyhøj’s home any team will need to have a very good game in order to escape with the win.

Aabyhøj is fighting every game to the end but then again Amager is a team that also fights on every possession and even though they will also have a long way to get to Aabyhøj, in a good day could kill any opponent. I will give the win to Amager up to 10 points.