Runde 15 preview

Efter et ophold i DL som følge af Damelandsholdets 2 EM-kampe mod Italien og Tjekkiet er blikket nu igen vendt med de afgørende i grundserien.

På lørdag den 13. februar 2021 er der 2 kampe på programmet i henholdsvis Hørsholmhallen og Amagerhallen. Assisterende coach for SISU James Young kommer her med sit bud på de 2 kampe (på engelsk).

Hørsholm 79ers - BMS Herlev Wolfpack (lørdag kl. 14:00)

As for Hørsholm who is coming off a payback victory over aabyhøj after losing to them big just a week before has a lot to prove finishing up these last few games of the season to move higher in the ranks will definitely come to play.

For BMS Wolfpack playing behind there young star Laura Ziegler who has been averaging a double double has been playing well leading her team to some big victories. Alongside some very established national team leaders.

I think this will be a good game to watch but BMS wins by double digits.

BK Amager - Aabyhøj IF (lørdag kl. 14:30)

Amager led by there veteran talented guards, and there two twin towers Fabricius & Ribarich. I think will make it hard for Aabyhøj  limiting second chances. 

Aabyhøj has been playing very balanced all season, some tough wins and losses at the same time. They have some really great talent that leads them.

If Amager wins the rebounding battle then they win the game. Amager wins by 12 or less.