BLMA outclasses SISU 91–65 in the EuroCup

SISU performs well on defense and offense.

BLMA Montpellier is a professional team with a budget that dwarfs SISU’s budget. So SISU has to fight for every point and every stop on defense against top players. SISU showed that fight tonight against a team with incredible chemistry, depth and poise that will lead them far in the EuroCup this year.

The game started with SISU and BLMA trading points in fast-paced play. Marie Malone and Ida Tryggedsson kept going to the basket and kept SISU close. Marie scored 8 in the first period and Ida 6 and Signe Boye Knudsen hit a 3-pointer. Meanwhile, Gaella Skrela and Geraldine Robert poured on the points for Montpellier. The first period ended 21–25.

SISU lost intensity in the second period, and had trouble getting good shots. Gaella, Geraldine and Ana Lelas kept driving and scoring and SISU looked tired. Ida scored 4 points and tea 3, but SISU was behind 53–31 at halftime.
SISU changed the defense in the third period and stopped BLMA from driving, and this resulted in a 9–0 run for SISU and a Montpellier time-out. This seemed to serve the purpose, as SISU did not get any closer than 53–40 and Montpellier went on their own 9-point run to 62–40. Ida Tryggedsson continued to run and run and this worked, as she scored 6 points in the third. 69–46 at the end of the third.

The fourth period was fairly even as Camilla Blands, Ida Tryggedsson and Marie Malone provided SISU’s offensive power. Ana Lelas and Gaelle Skrela scored again and again to make the final score 91–65.

Ida Tryggedsson: 23 points, 11/17 for two-pointers and 1/1 for three-pointers. Marie Malone: 6/11 for two pointers, 9 rebounds. Camilla Blands: 9 points, 7 assists and 2 rebounds. Overall: 47% two-pointers and 45% three-pointers, excellent shooting and hard work on defense. But 24 turnovers cost SISU.

For BLMA: Gaella Skrela: 25 points, 5 steals, 2 rebounds, 3 assists. Ana Lelas: 18 points, 5 rebounds. Geraldine Robert: 17 points, 6 rebounds, Fatimatou Sacko: 12 points, 8 rebounds. Overall: 53% on two-pointers and 50% on three-pointers.

SISU is now looking forward to improving its performance against BC Chevakata in the Kanal Sport TV-game of the week on November 14 at home. BLMA travels to Satu Mare for the contest there. Chevakata won big over Satu Mare tonight 74–38.

SISU Head Coach Hrannar Holm: “We lost against a really good team. Tactically we played our defense better in the second half, because we let them penetrate and get too close to the basket in the first half. They are very clever tactically and they move the ball very well. We managed to score 65 points against them, which is okay. It is the best team in France right now and they are simply 26 points better than us.”

Ida Tryggedsson, SISU: It was better than last week. We kept attacking and tried to run the fast break when we could. We knew they had a tight defense and we had to shoot the ball when we were open.

BLMA Assistant Coach Guy Prat: We had a good second and fourth quarter, but not in the two others. It’s good preparation for our next game in the French championship. It’s a surprise that we’re on top of the French league this year. Everyone thought it would be Bourges, but we have a good team.

Geraldine Robert, BLMA:
SISU has a young team and they lack some experience, but they were fighting and never gave up, and that’s good.
We have a team with good players and great chemistry. We work hard and we play well together and we have some experienced players.