BC Chevakata wins over SISU 86–50

A determined effort by SISU against the Russian powerhouse.

Wednesday night SISU had the last chance for a home win in this year’s regular season of the EuroCup after previously losing to CSM Satu Mare from Romania and BLMA Montpellier from France. The opponent Wednesday was formidable BC Chevakata from Russia, which reached the semifinals in last season’s EuroCup, and which, in the game in Vologda, beat SISU by 25 points.

The spectators cheered SISU off to a good start. They lost the ball in the first offense, but came back and went ahead 5–2 after a nice three-pointer by Kiki Lund. Two more three-point shots from Ida Tryggedsson did not go in, but the open shots were there. Good patience by SISU. Then Chevakata turned up the pressure and clawed their way back into the game; 5–7 after 4 minutes. Marie Malone made a good effort in handling Chevakata’s strong center Julia Kiseleva under the basket, but her accuracy was not there.

Then another good spell from SISU and Ida Tryggedsson made a nice three-pointer, 10–8. Good tight defense from SISU led to a 12–9 lead. Tea Jørgensen quickly got 3 fouls and was benched. A stalemate ensued, with a few free throws for Chevakata, 12–11. Then Katrine Dyszkant drove twice through the defense and put in 4 points, 16–12. The first quarter ended with a surprising, but deserved, lead for SISU, 18–14.

There was a bit of a mess from the beginning of the second quarter. Chevakata switched to a zone defense and came back with 5 points, but both teams turned over the ball and SISU took a time-out at 18–19 to get back on track.

Iben Soltau defended well against Julia Kiseleva, while Glory Johnson dominated in the other end with multiple defensive rebounds. Still a few open shots for SISU, but the accuracy was completely off. Chevakata slowly but surely increased their lead to 18–32. No points for SISU in this quarter so far. Then Kiseleva got her third and fourth foul within one minute, but still another 5 points from the Russians until SISU finally put in one free throw, the only point in the quarter from SISU: 19–37 at halftime – a disappointing 10 minutes from the Danish team that had looked so good in the first quarter.

The first 2 points for Chevakata after 1:30 in the third quarter and SISU still had trouble penetrating the Russian zone defense. Then finally the first 2 points in 12 minutes for SISU from Marie Malone, 21–41. A minute later a three-pointer from Tea Jørgensen was followed immediately by a three-pointer from Chevakata, 26–46. Seven minutes into the third, Marie Malone got her fourth foul. In defense, Iben Soltau struggled valiantly with the much larger Kiseleva. Five points from each team finished the quarter at 31–51.

Katrine Dyszkant quickly drew the fifth foul on Kiseleva at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Then Anastasia Logunova got her fourth foul and two free throws for SISU, 36–56, followed by a three-point swish by Ida Tryggedsson. Then Chevakata turned up the heat with three well executed open 3-pointers, especially by Katsiaryna Snytsina, while Iben Soltau scored 4 points for the home team, 45–70. Six minutes to go and the game seemed to be decided. SISU looked a bit tired and Chevakata capitalized with 8 fast points on the board, 45–78. Final score 50–86.

All in all SISU played with a lot more confidence and competitive spirit, but the deficit of the second half was too much to overcome and they looked tired in the fourth.
Top scorers for SISU: Ida Tryggedsson with 14 points (3/7 for 3 points) and Marie Malone with 8 points and 8 rebounds. For BC Chevakata: Katsiaryna Snytsina scored 25 points (6/10 for 3 points) and Glory Johnson 18 points and an impressive 20 rebounds.

Head coach Hrannar Holm: “After a good first quarter, we couldn’t handle their zone defense in the second, where we lost our aggressiveness. Offensively, we were okay in the other 3 quarters, but we basically lost the game in the second, and in the fourth we tried to reduce the deficit, but they were very effective, scored a lot and closed the game.”

Ida Tryggedsson, SISU: A catastrophic second period. They changed to zone. Instead of aggressively attacking the basket we passed the ball around and tried to shoot from the outside.

Glory Johnson, Chevakata: It was a great game. SISU played a very physical game. They had to struggle a little bit because they were undersized, and we definitely have that advantage. They played hard and strong.

Marie Malone, SISU: Our intensity level was not as high as in the previous game against Chevakata and we lacked some communication and that hurt us in the end.