A tight defensive battle in EuroCup Women

CSM Satu Mare wears down SISU, 57–46.

On Halloween, SISU played their first home game in this year’s EuroCup group play. CSM Satu Mare from Romania was the opponent, and they arrived after a grueling schedule of 8 games in 15 days. This was the Kanal Sport TV game of the week.

The first quarter was fast-paced the first 5 minutes. No substitutions, and the teams exchanged points. Marie Malone from SISU stepped up with 6 initial points and good defensive rebounds, while Andreea Orosz of Satu Mare showed how skilled she is.

Satu Mare did look a bit tired overall in the beginning but still managed to pressure SISU in offense and force turnovers, going from 12–9 to 12–14. Then Marie Malone made her mark again and not long after – at the end of the quarter – the score was 18–14. Almost a double-double in just one quarter from Marie Malone; 8 rebounds and 12 points. Would SISU be able to keep this pace for the rest of the game?

The second quarter was quite different from the first apart from the tight defense from Satu Mare. It was a no-score stalemate for the first 2:40. Finally the first points came from Tea Jørgensen, who committed an offensive foul but the score still counted. This was her third foul.

After a fast break from Satu Mare, there were no points for a while until Satu Mare reduced the deficit to 21–20 followed by a SISU time-out. Overall SISU did not get many open 3-point shots for either Kiki Lund or Ida Tryggedsson in this half.

The second quarter was extremely low scoring, with just 3 points for SISU and 6 for Satu Mare, ending 21–20 to SISU.
In the first minute of the third quarter both teams made turnovers followed by a fast break by Camilla Blands that broke the deadlock. Then Andreea Orosz once more stepped up and gave Satu Mare the lead with two fast breaks, 23–24.

SISU had to run some very long offenses due to great defensive work by Satu Mare, running the shot clock down on many of them. SISU found it difficult to create open shots and, when they did, they seemed to be reluctant to shoot.

Finally the breakthrough occurred when Trine Duelund made a nice reverse lay-up followed soon after by a 3-pointer. The score was tight at 29–30 five minutes into the third. Tea Jørgensen was then fouled on a fast break and made a 3-point play. The game was even at 32–32 and things were looking up for SISU.

Then Satu Mare went on a run – 9 unanswered points within just 2 minutes, and at the end of the quarter Satu Mare was up by 9 points, 32–41.

In the fourth period, Satu Mare kept up the pressure and increased their lead to 34–48 and the low-scoring game looked like it was decided. Hardly any 3-point shots in the game so far for SISU, while Satu Mare started hitting theirs.
Finally Kiki Lund got her first 3-pointer, but with just 5 minutes to go, it was too late.

At 9:24 in the fourth, Marie Malone fouled out with 14 points and 23 rebounds and the game ended at 46–57.
SISU now has to work towards next week’s homw contest against BLMA Montpellier, which defeated BC Chevakata in overtime tonight.

Marie Malone, SISU: “They came out with a lot of intensity in the second half, and we did not come out with that same fire. We missed a lot of open shots. Our defensive fire was no longer there and we made a lot of turnovers.”

Dan Fleseriu, Coach, CSM Satu Mare: “I was surprised our team missed so much. Your team did a good job in defense. We didn’t find the way to the basket. After the break, a different attitude from our team with better defense, which gave us the win.”

Hrannar Holm, Coach, SISU: “Defensively it went okay, but both teams couldn’t make shots today. It was like a football match in the first half. When we are trailing in a low-scoring game, 10 points is a lot. We couldn’t make our normal 3-point shots. We had our chances but didn’t make our shots.”